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The Worlds BIGGEST Money Box.

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We can also supply Huebsch Dryers

Sounds a little strange but we often have owners and managers of Laundromats, Backpackers, and Caravan Parks refer to their Washing Machines, washers and Dryers as ‘money boxes’. And the best part is that they don’t put the money in, customers do it for them!

What they are referring to is the commercial coin operated washing machines and dryers that they charge from as little as $2.00 up to $20 and $30 depending on the wash.

These are true passive income laundry machines and that earning potential should not be ignored!

Of course, if you are going to stick an old, dirty, busted up machine in your store, it will get ignored and your clients will go elsewhere to do their washing. Predictably, those with sparkling new, well maintained (clean) Laundry equipment have increased their income considerably.

Recently, a Caravan Park cancelled a rental agreement on a few washing machines, bought their own and now make many thousands of dollars of passive income from the investment Money Box!

Now follow this link to the Worlds biggest Money Box.


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