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In Western Australia or the Northern Territory? Get your own Maytag Washing Machine or Dryer Equipment from the Trusted Authority – Dependable Laundry Solutions.



What a mix! Miners and commercial laundry equipment. 

Although somewhat of a cliché, it’s pretty much acknowledged that miners aren’t the most gentle of nature’s creatures. This has come about because miners, almost by definition, are tough and strong and they expect tough and strong equipment in their working world – whether it’s a Haulpak the size of a house or a washing machine or dryer in an onsite laundry.

And, it’s true, most mining is not just solid hard work – it’s usually dirty and dusty as well. This makes washing miners’ laundry a real challenge. And David Worthington, Co-Owner of Dependable Laundry Solutions with wife Gabrielle, knows just how heavy duty most miners’ laundry really is!

“To cater for this we have made sure that we carry the right products, with the best features and the best warranties available!” says David, adding: “we want the best result for our customers. And that’s why we offer tailored solutions to our clients.”

Today’s modern laundry equipment goes such a long way toward combating the age-old problem of what to do with heavy duty clothing. Maytag has tackled the problem with market leading innovation that has led to a new generation of dependable and reliable commercial washing machines and dryers that can handle the toughest loads.

Says David: “That’s why mining engineers and procurement managers specify Maytag products. They want dependable equipment that will last. And don’t forget, Maytag industrial washers and dryers carry the famous Maytag 5 year warranty. That’s right a whopping FIVE years warranty!”

How can Maytag give a five year warranty?  “Because Maytag products are made for commercial and industrial use and they are tough, strong and robust.”

Just like miners. 

Call : 08) 9470 6868  for Western Australia or Sam Nolthenius on 0407 467 952 for Northern Territory . They will be happy to help you decide which machine best suits your needs.exclusiveLine



Discover our range of Maytag commercial laundry equipment products including: Maytag Washers | MaytagDryers | Stack Washer Dryer Combo | Maytag Soft Mount Washer Extractors | Rigid Mount Washer Extractors | Washer & Dryer Supplies

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